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That leaves only 20% of marriages that would even survive if the partners felt they had a reasonable choice to leave.It is my experience—and that of many other counselors—that only 1-2% of all married couples achieve relationships that are as rewarding as they had once hoped. We need dating tips, dating and relationship advice that will help us learn how to create the loving and richly rewarding relationships we all want as we are seeking a partner or dating after a divorce.If you like sports, spend time at tailgates or treat yourself to tickets for a big game.Don't force yourself out of your element for the sake of meeting a partner, though.Millions of us are out there looking for the “right person”—in bars, at parties, in clubs, at church, and on Internet dating sites, to name a few of the ways we look.

Even the hottest ones will make goofy cute faces and funny poses in front of a camera.

I find it really ironic that Korea has managed to create media that connects with and excites the masses in a way that living in Korea …just doesn’t.

In fact, Korea is far more inhospitable to foreigners than Japan is.

Hang Out Where Your Heart Is Go places where you would want to frequent with your future mate.

If you're into cooking, check out the farmers' market.

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Whether you are single, divorced or separated, if you are ready to move on, make new friends and maybe even meet someone special, you have come to the right place.

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