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Developmental disabilities dating

Internal factors are intrinsic to the individual, can cause a person to learn differently, are usually life-long, and are usually considered a learning disability – also referred to as a specific or significant learning difficulty (in Australia and the UK), or learning disability (in the US and Canada).

Dyslexia is generally considered to be a learning disability, or specific learning difficulty.

Many individuals coping with illness and disability are able to develop or adapt their lifestyle and routines to accommodate it, but some individuals face the reality of permanent changes.

The quality of the sibling relationship and level of involvement of the typical sibling is related to childhood experiences and as well as to gender of each member of the sibling pair, the relative ages of the siblings, and continued geographic proximity.Living with a chronic illness or disability can be challenging, but the effects may at times be more challenging than the difficulty itself.Other members of society, including family and friends, may view a disability as a defect or disadvantage, and many people may look at those who have a chronic illness or disability with pity.Those who have severe learning disabilities obviously are those who are most challenged (Dowdy & Smith, 1994; Gerber & Reiff, 1991).Second, it is important to note that, by definition, an adult who has learning disabilities is of average or above average intelligence.

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