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Tiny tiny rss not updating

But using Tiny Tiny RSS to build your own feed reader is still possible with a little patience.

Tiny Tiny RSS is a Web application, so you need a Web server that supports PHP and either a My SQL or Postgre SQL database. If you happen to have a Linux server lying around, you are set.

// Setting this to blank uses PHP logging (usually to http server // error.log).

define(' CONFIG_VERSION', 26); // Expected config version.

Tiny Tiny RSS runs on the same LAMP / WAMP technology that runs Word Press. This means it’s a bit more advanced than a desktop application you download and install but it by no means requires heavy duty programming chops.

I was able to download and get Tiny Tiny running in about 30 minutes on Ubuntu.

If you need help, you need to ask your Web host or Google because Tiny Tiny RSS assumes you know how to set up and manage a server.

You will also need a domain name so that you can type Before you can get started, you need to have PHP installed on your Web server and create the database.

It is not an RSS feed reader that you just import all your feeds from Google Reader and be up in a matter of minutes.

Tiny Tiny RSS lets you build your own RSS reader and customize the platform your way.

One that interests me is the open source Tiny Tiny RSS server.

If you have more than one person in your organization who follows RSS feeds or who might want to, this could be an excellent way to centrally offer this service.

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